• Innovative products of linear drive technology

    We develop and manufacture thread drives based on cold-rolled threaded spindles and geared to the needs of potential OEM applications.
  • Type F Carry ballscrews

    Developed for the highest performance. Designed for the lowest price.
  • Ballscrews

    For efficient moving of high loads - with maximum efficiency
  • Speedy high-helix leadscrews

    Pitches up to 6 x d - for the ultimate speed
  • Easy light leadscrews

    The light aluminium leadscrew that makes moving things easy…
  • Rondo round-thread leadscrews

    The cost-effective alternative to trapezoidal screws - with convincing efficiency
  • Individual tailor-made thread drives

    Increased load ratings, special thread drive diameters and pitches, individual nut shapes and end processing. We develop and manufacture thread drives according to customer-specific requirements.