Flange nut type FBI

Flange nut with single-thread ball return (following DIN 69051 : flange type B nut)

Bild Masszeichnung FBI


CarryDimensionsLoad rates
d 0x pd1d2D1D2D4FD5D6LnL1L7L8iDwSSATCdynCstat
rechtgängige Gewinde:
4 x 1
6 x 1  6.05.01211.81833.4241844163x10.80ø2K0.036001’000
8 x 1  8.0 7.01413.52133.4271844183x10.80ø2K0.03700 1’200
8 x 2  8.06.51615.52233.4283046193x11.59ø4K0.051’4002’000
10 x 4  10.07.51817.82834.5363866234x12.500.074’1006’700
10 x 4  10.07.51817.82834.5363866234x12.50ø2K0.074’1006’700
12 x 5  12.09.52423.53234.5404068263x12.78ø4K0.075’0008’600
16 x 5  15.713.02827.83815.54845610403x13.50M6K0.07 9’70022’000
20 x 5  19.216.53635.54716.658501010443x13.50M6K0.0710’80025’000
25 x 5  24.621.54039.55116.662501010483x13.50M6K0.0711’70030’000
25 x 5  24.621.54039.55116.662551010484x13.50M6K0.0714’00035’000
32 x 5  31.628.65049.56519.080571012624x13.50M6K0.0719’00054’000
linksgängige Gewinde:
16 x 5 3) 15.713.02827.83815.54845610403x13.50M6K0.07 9’70022’000
20 x 5  19.216.53635.54716.658501010443x13.50M6K0.0710’80025’000


  • d0
    nominal screw diameter [mm]
  • d1
    outside screw diameter [mm]
  • d2
    core diameter [mm]
  • p
    pitch [mm]
  • i
    number of ball circulations [–]
  • Dw

    ball diameter [mm]

  • S
    lubrication hole [mm]
  • SA


    • K = plasticK = plastic
    • B = brushesB = brushes
    • F = felt rings*F = felt rings*

    * on request; in case of lifetime lubrication

  • T
    standard backlash [mm]
  • 3)
    only on request

Warning! Note when selecting a ball screw that the maximum rotational speed depends on the system’s rotational speed characteristics.

Special designs available on request.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Quality management ISO 9001:2008

Technical Basics

Carry screws are manufactured by the highly economical cold-rolling process which offers both significant cost savings but also maintains a precision previously often only available with machine-ground screws. Carry screws are complemented by a range of single steel nuts produced in a special cost-cutting process.

Contract work

As our name suggests, thread rolling is the core business of Eichenberger Gewinde AG. Not only do the buyers of standard products benefit from our expert know-how but also those manufacturers who require economical cold rolled threads for their mechanical parts and components.