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Eichenberger Gewinde AG’s corporate policy covers measures and decisions which represent an implementation of its philosophy. It forms the centrepiece and describes the perfection that it is essential to strive for. Our corporate policy takes into consideration the wishes and requirements of our customers and suppliers, employees, the authorities and the general public (e.g. associations, neighbourhood). It reflects the principles of conduct of our company with regard to quality, the environment and occupational safety, and is continually checked for its relevance and if necessary modified.

We have committed ourselves to the following principles:

Customer focus
In these fast-moving times, stable customer relationships have almost become a thing of the past. For Eichenberger, customer proximity, customer satisfaction and customer retention, and goal-oriented dialogue with partners are considered to be basic requirements for discriminating tailor-made solutions. This is without a doubt the drive for new developments. To a large degree quality control determines the sustainable success of the undertaking. It is important not only to keep quality at a constant level but ideally to constantly improve it and adapt it to continually changing conditions and requirements. In doing so profitability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and occupational safety are paramount. We are committed to the zero defect strategy.

Employee focus
Our employees and managerial staff are the most valuable capital when securing our customer-focused work at the highest level. Their capability, their constant continuous development and standing instructions for improvements, are the prerequisite for attaining and maintaining a high level of performance and ability. We want to promote and monitor our employees’ competencies and sense of responsibility, for safe, environmentally- and cost-conscious working in all areas of the company. We lay claim to the loyalty of the employees themselves and require them to make their personal contribution to achievement of quality-, environmental- and occupational safety targets.

Spirit of innovation
Challenges can be overcome. The continuous improvement and further development of our processes and products and quality of our work, internally and externally, means the basis for our international competitiveness, and it is in this task that we are investing. At the same time we are continually looking out for the consistent elimination of waste and take into account all statutory requirements from legislation, standards and directives.

We daily pursue the goal of supporting our customer on the way to their innovative and profitable tailor-made solutions, with established expertise and the application of the most contemporary production methods. We see customer benefit and compliance as directly related. Fair dealing is not only very important to us in close customer relationships but also in long-term partnerships with our suppliers, employees and of course the environment (reduction of avoidable environmental ­pollution and primary energy consumption).

Occupational safety, health, environment and society

Safety, health and welfare of all persons within the company environment is one of our central concerns. We consider the ensuring of occupational safety, health- and environmental protection in the company to be a major obligation and comply with the statutory demands and provisions of these areas.

When designing work areas and operational procedures we take into account the latest findings and strive for a zero accident rate. It is our goal to achieve reduction of environmental pollution by avoiding or reducing emissions and waste and to promote the best possible use of resources and constant optimisation of energy efficiency. We welcome contact with business partners, authorities and the neighbourhood and general public on the basis of mutual trust.

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Noi sviluppiamo, produciamo e distribuiamo prodotti innovativi nell’ambito della tecnica di azionamento. La nostra specialità sono le viti filettate con rullatura a freddo realizzate in conformità alle esigenze derivanti dal potenziale campo d’applicazione OEM.
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