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    The light aluminium leadscrew that makes moving things easy…
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    Your revolutionary idea - our tailor-made solution: any nut shapes and end processing
  • Easy light leadscrews

    Application example: door drives in high-speed train carriages

Nut type (shape)

  • Bild

    Easy standard flange nut
    Type EFM

    • flange nut type A following DIN 69051
    • not preloaded
    • wear-resistant technopolymer EX100 White


Design features

Eichenberger Easy light leadscrews set new benchmarks for net weight and smooth running properties. Thanks to the rolled aluminium screw and the associated nut made of highperformance technopolymer, the screw unit is a real lightweight. The screw’s robust sliding coating (hard-anodised) makes the screw unit very smooth. With correct lubrication, Efficiency of more than 0.8 can be achieved – an excellent figure for a leadscrew!
Thanks to the special thread geometry, the screw unit is also relatively impervious to dirt and tilting torque.



  • standard: aluminium, hard-anodised
  • on request: other materials and coatings


  • standard: EX100 white
    on request: other materials

Operational temperatures
EX100 –40 to +60 °C

Lead accuracy

  • standard:
    G9 ≤ 0.1 mm/300 mm (in accordance with DIN 69051)
  • on request: other lead accuracies

The efficiency η depends on the helix angle and reaches impressive values over 0.8

Application examples for Eichenberger leadscrews

Thanks to their low weight, excellent smooth running properties and robust thread profile, Eichenberger Easy light leadscrews are suitable for numerous applications including:

  • Drives for doors, gates and windows
  • Handling technology
  • Graphics equipment and devices
  • Construction industry
  • Air-conditioning technology (valve/slide drives)
  • Textile machines
  • Food and packaging industry
  • Electric cylinders (actuators) etc.

Easy light leadscrews are preferred for increased demand from

  • major temperature fluctuation based on climate,
  • impact on environmental conditions such as pollution,
  • limited lubrication options,
  • tilting torque.
More application examples

Design fundamentals

The following are the relevant calculations which underlie screw
design and safe operation of a Speedy, Easy or Rondo leadscrew.




ø 4–40 mm
p 1–40 mm


Round-thread leadscrews
ø 6 …16 mm
p 2 … 5 mm


High-helix leadscrews
ø 4 … 36 mm
p 4 … 200 mm

Individual thread drives

Find the right standard thread drive

Carry Ballscrews
Speedy High-helix leadscrews
Easy Light leadscrews
Rondo Round-thread leadscrews
Cylindrical nut
Type ZY...
Nut with mounting thread
Type FG...
Flange nut
according to drawing

Individual tailor-made thread drives

  • application-specific nut shapes, including integrated additional features such as axles, mounting surfaces etc.
  • individual thread profiles and customised ball sizes, e.g. for increased load ratings
  • application-specific screw diameters and end machining
  • special materials and coatings

and much more

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