• Thread drives with increased load ratings, special thread drive diameters and pitches, individual nut shapes and end processing.

    Tailor-made thread drives

Individual tailor-made thread drives

Your revolutionary idea – our tailor-made solutions

Any nut shape
Innovative solutions often require special, application-specific nut shapes – sometimes the nut even has to be integrated directly into a component. Or specific measurement requirements or Performance parameters have to be complied with where standard thread drives simply don’t suffice.

Thanks to maximum adaptability during development as well as
manufacture, Eichenberger is your perfect partner for tailor-made thread drives in any shape and design.

Any kind of end machining
Our speciality is any kind of application-specific end machining – for your application, too.

Examples of customer-specific and application-specific solutions


Carry 6 × 1

– Medical technology
– Special nut with applicationspecific flange

Carry 8 × 2.5 Inox

– Off-shore industry (towed array sonar)
– Special nut for use with a “cradle”
– Corrosion-resistant

Carry 8 × 3

– Medical technology
– Special nut with direct linear slide connection

Carry 12 × 4

– Automation
– Special nut; screw and nut with coating to reduce sliding friction

Carry 10 × 2

– Medical technology; large-scale production
– Nut polished on the outside, featuring adhesive grooves

Speedy 4 /10

– Injected two-part technopolymer nut ready for preloading by the customer

Carry 9.3 × 2

– Electronics industry (building electric motors)
– Customer-specific screw diameter, special nut, ball recirculation made of high-temperature technopolymer

Carry 16 × 5

– Off-shore industry (oil drilling)
– “Safety nut”

Carry 25 × 5

– Development and Prototype
– Hollow screw with extremely large, continuous bore hole

Carry 10 × 2

– Electrically operated manual device
– Load rating increased based on customer-specific adjustment of tube type ball returns

Carry 16 × 7

– Motor racing
– Special pitch
– Special nut

Speedy 26/60

– Graphics industry
– Stop adjustment
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Individual tailor-made thread drives

  • application-specific nut shapes, including integrated additional features such as axles, mounting surfaces etc.
  • individual thread profiles and customised ball sizes, e.g. for increased load ratings
  • application-specific screw diameters and end machining
  • special materials and coatings

and much more

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What we are doing

We develop, produce and market innovative linear power transmission products – lead and ball screws with cold-rolled threads – designed specifically to address the needs of potential OEM applications.
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