• Speedy high-helix leadscrews

    Pitches up to 6 x d - for the ultimate speed
  • Tailor-made leadscrews

    Your revolutionary idea - our tailor-made solution: any nut shapes and end processing
  • Speedy high-helix leadscrews

    Application example: drive for automatic surveillance systems in modern glass facades

Nut types (shapes)

  • Bild

    Flange nut

    • Type SFM: POM-C black
    • Type SBM: bronze
  • Bild

    Flange nut
    preloaded (if p0 < d0)

    • Type SFV: POM-C black
    • nut body made of bronze
  • Bild

    Flange nut
    torsion-preloaded (if p0 ≥ d0)

    • Type SFT: EX100 white
    • on request: nut body made of bronze

Design features

Eichenberger high-helix leadscrews are called Speedy for good reason: never before have such high moving speeds been obtained at such low rotational speeds. The Eichenberger Speedy has made this possible by using a helix pitch unheard of before.
High-helix leadscrews are made of corrosion-protected steel and are formed by the cold-rolling process. They are coupled with high wearresistant technopolymer flange nuts in non-preloaded or preloaded designs.
For higher loads or special applications, alternative technopolymer materials or bronze may be used to make the nuts.



  • standard: corrosion-protected steel
    1.4021 (X20Cr13)
  • on request: other materials such as
    corrosion and acid resistant steel
    1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-2)
  • on request:
    coating to reduce sliding friction


  • non-preloaded:
    POM-C black
    bronze 2.1052 (CuSn12)
  • preloaded:
    axial-preloaded (if p0 < d0): POM-C black
    torsion-preloaded (if p0 ≥ d0): EX100 white
    bronze on request
  • on request: other materials such as
    iglidur® J *

* iglidur® is a registered trademark of igus® GmbH

Operational temperatures

  • POM-C / EX100 –40 to +60 °C
  • iglidur® J –50 to +90 °C
  • bronze –40 to +200 °C

Lead accuracy

  • standard:
    G9 ≤ 0.1 mm/300 mm (in accordance with DIN 69051)
  • on request:
    other lead accuracies

The efficiency η depends on the helix angle and reaches values from ~0.5 to 0.75

Production / Handling / Lubrication

Production lengths
In general, Eichenberger screws are produced as bars with a
length of 3 m. Depending on the diameter and the material availability, lengths up to 6 m are also possible on request.

Any kind of end machining
By default leadscrews are cut to the desired length without Special machining.

Upon request, a so-called standard screw end journal with
three turned bearing seats is available. Dimensions are as per
customer specifications.

Our speciality is any application-specific end machining: Tell us
your requirements, and we’ll provide YOUR tailor-made screw!
In each instance, a detailed drawing would be necessary.

Speedy, Easy and Rondo leadscrews are precision parts and
must be protected from shock, dirt or moisture when transported
or stored. Please do not unpack until ready for use.

Please check for cleanness when mounting a leadscrew. Dirt or foreign matter on the thread may cause increased wear and premature failure.

Please consult lubrication recommendation before mounting or
operating leadscrews.

Radial loads and torque
Radial loads or torque brought to bear upon the nut result in overload of individual contact surfaces, thus seriously affecting the service life of the leadscrew assembly. Therefore it is important to properly mount the screw and to comply with all relevant form and positional tolerances.

In some cases, a single lubrication with grease or oil is sufficient. However, any lubrication cycle depends on the application environment.

Bronze nuts have to be lubricated regularly.

Recommended all-purpose lubricant:

  • Klüber Microlube GBU Y 131

Surface coatings
… possible on request:

  • generally to reduce sliding friction
  • if lubrication is not possible (e.g. in the food industry)

Application examples for Speedy high-helix leadscrews

Eichenberger Speedy, Easy and Rondo leadscrews are suitable for numerous applications: On the one hand, for shorter lifts, they are a great substitute for belt drive systems because of their lower engineering effort. On the other hand, they are also an excellent substitute for hydraulic and pneumatic lift cylinders because they can be freely accelerated and positioned, and work independently of secondary energy sources. Thanks to high Efficiency and excellent value for money, they are an ideal alternative to trapezoidal screws or ballscrews in particular areas of use.

More application examples

Design fundamentals

The following are the relevant calculations which underlie screw
design and safe operation of a Speedy, Easy or Rondo leadscrew.




ø 4–40 mm
p 1–40 mm


Round-thread leadscrews
ø 6 …16 mm
p 2 … 5 mm


Light leadscrews
ø 20 mm
p 80 mm

Individual thread drives

Find the right standard thread drive

Carry Ballscrews
Speedy High-helix leadscrews
Easy Light leadscrews
Rondo Round-thread leadscrews
Cylindrical nut
Type ZY...
Nut with mounting thread
Type FG...
Flange nut
according to drawing

Individual tailor-made thread drives

  • application-specific nut shapes, including integrated additional features such as axles, mounting surfaces etc.
  • individual thread profiles and customised ball sizes, e.g. for increased load ratings
  • application-specific screw diameters and end machining
  • special materials and coatings

and much more

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