• Manufacturing competence in thread rolling

    Manufacturing processes

Eichenberger thread drives – cold-rolled precision

Advantageous thread production

The manufacturing core competency of Eichenberger Gewinde AG is thread rolling. That is why the thread profiles of Eichenberger screws are exclusively made using this highly precise process.

Thread rolling describes the cold-forming process of the surface of round components. A thread is created by deforming a part between two rotating rolling tools with radial dynamic force application. The rolling tool profiles penetrate the surface of the part. So when the material is cold, it is pressed into the base of the thread rolling tool and rolled to the nominal dimensions. 

Advantages of thread rolling:

  • significant increase in strength based on cold-forming
  • very good roughness values on the edges of the thread and in the base radius
  • reduced notch-sensitivity
  • grain orientation is not interrupted as in machined threads
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • efficient and quick production 
  • particularly cost-effective for large quantities